Correction work

This entails:
  • English content translated/written by a non-native English-speaker e.g. one of your Dutch colleagues wrote/translated an article for the company website.
  • Amending the English content so that it is linguistically correct.
  • Amending no more than 10% of the English content.
  • If more than 10% of the English content is incorrect (on average, based on 2-3 pages), then the client will be informed; subsequently, the project will be temporarily suspended and re-evaluated, resulting in three possible scenarios.
  • In the case of ‘Correction work with correction details’: apart from amending the English language content, details of why the content is incorrect will be given; this may be of interest to clients who wish to improve their own written English.

In the case of translations, a copy of the original source language document will be required.


  • If it is a small (no more than 5 x 350 words), single project then it will be resumed in the form of correction work, but translation rates will apply for the entirety of the project
  • In the case of translated content - if it is a large, frequent and/or repeated project, the project will be deemed a translation project and work will only resume in the form of re-translation, and translation rates will apply for the entirety of the project
  • If both parties are in disagreement as to the definition of the work after re-evaluation, the project will be terminated; in this case, the client must pay for the work carried out thus far.

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